#RUNGNC2016 | 10KM | 1:38

Chill (more like I-died-trying) kind of 10K with le Father. 😩 #rungnc2016

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This run was torture for me. 😐 I haven’t had the chance to work out for the entire month of June, AND I’ve been eating a lot. So finishing this 10K is an accomplishment for my now-extremely-heavy self. 😛

Le father is 50ish years of age and he wants to finish a half marathon before he turns 60 (I think), so we registered for this 10K as a baby step to that goal. He still runs well, actually. I just need to get used to running with somebody. I’m not built for buddy runs, so I need to train for that.

The first kilometer is always the hardest for me. Each step was heavy and my muscles were still tight, but I needed to push it. Come fifth kilometer, my walks were already longer that my runs. My legs and lungs were tired, and each hydration station after the half way mark became my shower station. The Nike Running app clocked 10KM on the 9ishKM mark, so I guess the actual route is longer than 10K (and I’m pissed because I wanted to crawl to the finish line by now). I finished at 1 hour 38 minutes. It’s five minutes off my PR, but all is well. A finish is still a finish. 🙂

This run was for the Cancer Warriors Foundation. ❤

200m Ceremonial Run of the Cancer Warriors Foundation kids. ❤️ #rungnc2016

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July 3, 2016
SM MOA, Pasay City



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