2017-01 Musings

  • Hello birth month! ❤
  • I’m still doing CrossFit, but I moved to the south branch of CFMNL in Alabang. They offered a promo I just couldn’t resist. I think, I’ll still drop by the Makati box every week para di ko mamiss yung people.
  • I miss running. My knees are better but they’re still crap. I’ll focus on mobilizing this month.
  • Focus on systems, not goals. Read on it here. No 2017 resolutions.
  • I weighed in yesterday. 65.6kg. 27.7 BMI. 30.7% body fat.
  • Day 4 of my year long shopping ban.
  • I’m thinking of doing a no-haircut-year as well.
  • Tempted to study something year. I’m just not sure what that “something” is.
  • I’m torn between going paperless and doing a bullet journal. Not really sure if I “need” it.
  • Apartment Therapy is love! ❤
  • Pao got me a FAMCOM last Christmas. That and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is my downtime. 😛
  • Career wise, I miss coding. Maybe I should build something for fun.

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