2017-02 Musings

  • My shopping ban ended as soon as it started. Hahaha! But my shopping habits are waay better that it used to be. So that’s a yey.
  • Podcasts are awesome. Currently listening to #GirlBoss and The Minimalists.
  • I feel this huge drive to start a business. A tiny one. So I’m searching Udemy on courses on how to start, but I might as well just jump in, right?
  • I’m starting to love Oly lifts. My form is still crap, but the idea of doing it isn’t daunting anymore.
  • My 95lb power clean now feels easy. It’s still heavy, but I’m not struggling anymore. ❤
  • I bought a “planner” from Mori Notes last month. It’s a refillable notebook with recycled paper in it. So it pretty much aligns with my values. Paper not so wasted. 🙂

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